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Right before I got married, I learned about the best marriage tradition of all. We were to save a portion of the wedding cake, freeze it, and eat it on our first anniversary. As a huge cake fan, I was pretty psyched about this. I figured it would be a challenge to store a cake in the freezer and have it still taste good a year later, and I did not take the responsibility lightly. Moreover, The Primavera Regency did not simply give us a small sample of cake. We got the entire top—an 8-inch round. There was no way I was going to let this entire delectable cake get freezer burned or ruined in any way. So, I brought it home the morning after our wedding, and wrapped it up right before we hopped in a cab to the airport, Hawaii-bound.

Last week, I retrieved said cake from my parents’ freezer (it was taking up too much space in ours) and waited patiently for it to defrost. I didn’t really remember exactly how I wrapped it—I only remembered that there was a lot of foil and plastic wrap involved. And so, here are photos of each layer of wrapping, ending in the unveiling of the cake.

Layer 1: Plastic produce bag…for good measure, I guess?

Layer 2: Freezer paper, held together with…packing tape? I guess that’s all I had at the time.

Layer 3: Aluminum foil.

Layer 4: Plastic wrap. A lot of it. 10 sheets total. Wrapped and re-wrapped.
Uh oh, what is that brown thing? Apparently I left the flower on top. Either I thought it was fake, or I was too exhausted/excited for Hawaii to notice it.

Layer 5: THE CAKE! Once I took that gross flower off, it looked fine.
(The discoloration on the bottom half is my shadow)

Verdict: This year-old cake was just as good as it was on our wedding night. The cannoli filling was still delicious, and there was no residual, freezer-y taste.

Do you have a wedding coming up? Follow my steps—remembering to remove any live flora—and you’ll be good to go a year from now.


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