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Top Chef Predictions

Well, it seems like just yesterday that I was writing about my initial thoughts on the season premier of Top Chef: Season 7, and here we are—a week away from the finale. I am proud to announce that two out of three of my picks for final remaining contestants were accurate (I predicted Angelo, Kenny, and Kevin).

Like most people, I was pretty disappointed to see Tiffany go home two weeks ago with her botched, mussel-less sauce. Now that we’re down to Angelo, Ed, and Kevin, it’s a tough call. I definitely want Ed to win. He’s very likeable and a great chef. HOWEVER, he has been going pretty strong lately and that can sometimes be the kiss of death on Top Chef. My guess is that his confidence level is going to be very high going into the final competition, which could prove to be his downfall. He may try something a little too risky, or simply crack under the pressure like many finalists before him. Angelo, on the other hand, nearly got eliminated on Wednesday, which will provide him with even greater motivation going into the final. If Ed wavers a little bit, Angelo definitely has a shot to swoop in and take the title from him—something that viewers are all too familiar with. You may remember these sweeps from the past:

Season 5: Carla cracked under the pressure and stupid Hosea swept in.

Season 3: Casey cracked under the pressure and Hung swept in.

Yes, these examples are going back a ways, and don’t think I would be able to remember the names of all these people unless I checked Wikipedia.

I realize that my debate has centered on Ed and Angelo—and perhaps it’s not fair to not give Kevin a sporting chance…but my gut says it’s not going to be him. So, the question remains: does Ed have it in him, or will he follow in the footsteps of the others who have fallen just short of the finish line?

Only time will tell.


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