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The following conversation took place between me and a little boy, probably about 3 years old.

Boy: Why are the fish in there? [gesturing towards fish tank behind me]
Me: Because that’s where they live! (In this instance, the exclamation mark indicates an outgoing and friendly tone)
Boy Why are they in the water?
Me: Because fish live in water!
Boy: But why are they in the water?
Me: Uh…they need to be in water.
Boy: But…why?
Me: . . .

It’s been a while since I learned about the science behind fish and gills and their whole water filtration system, and even if I did remember it, something tells me that he would still be left with the nagging quesion of, “Why?”

In other news, this is BLOG POST NUMBER 100! Congratulations for me for providing stellar, insightful, thought-provoking, and generally wonderful posts. And congratulations to you for reading and somehow sticking with me.

Until 101,


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