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Let me just preface this book review by saying that, for the past few weeks now, I’ve been reading Stephen King’s It. I’ve never read Stephen King, or anything out of the horror genre, for that matter. That said, I have become deeply engrossed in the story. When I was around page 700 out of 1,090, I received a call from my library saying that my copy of Fifty Shades of Grey was in. I had put it on hold months and months ago and forgotten about it. I didn’t want to put It down, but I also didn’t want to subject myself to another 3-month hold list. So, reluctantly, I took a short break and delved into the sordid world of the romance novel.

Another preface: I had never read a romance novel. The only reason I was remotely interested in this book was because it’s been the talk of the town. I had to see what all the fuss is about. Here’s my 7-sentence synopsis for those who haven’t read it. ***WARNING: SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!***

Boy meets girl. Boy introduces girl to the world of BDSM. Girl likes it, a lot. Boy and girl have lots of sex. Boy hits girl with belt. Girl doesn’t like it. Girl dumps boy.

I had two major issues with this book.

Number One. The girl in the book is 21 years old (I think), but the narration reads like that of a 16 year-old, which makes it a little bit weird. Yes, I understand that she’s supposed to be young and innocent, but there’s a fine line between conveying those characteristics and having it sound like sloppy writing. The first quarter of the book is basically her repeating the phrase, “He is so freaking hot.” Come on.

Number Two. Beyond the story itself, I find it amusing that all women want to read and discuss this book. Romance novels have been around for a long time, but they’ve always been taboo because those cheesy little paperbacks always have some shirtless guy riding a horse on the cover. People were embarrassed to be caught with them. But now, just because this is a contemporary story with sleeker cover art, it’s socially acceptable. Is there really that much of a difference between Fifty Shades and My Fair Viking? Really?

That said, I will most likely read the sequel. As a librarian, I feel it is my duty. Plus, I just HAVE to know if Christian and Anastasia get back together. I’m thinking they might.


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