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I wanted to turn your attention to the recent story about how FritoLay decided to forego its biodegradable Sun Chips bags in favor of the old packaging, because they received a ton of complaints about the bags being “too noisy.” I hear a lot of ridiculous things on a daily basis, but this one was pretty unforgiveable and unjustifiable. This just goes to show that people really only care about helping the planet as long as it doesn’t inconvenience them in any way. I’ve eaten Sun Chips since the new bags were launched, and yes, they are pretty noisy and crackly. But halting their production because of that? What kind of people would make such an outlandish complaint? Spoiled, fat Americans—that’s who. You KNOW they were mad about the bags because all of the crinkling, crackling noises made it harder for them to hear the TV while they were sitting on the couch chowing down on an entire bag of Sun Chips.

I think people are starting to believe that simply having a more heightened awareness of the environment and talking a lot about “going green” will be enough to cause some sort of planetary change. Those of us whose lives are based more in reality realize that the things that we do on a daily basis are what effect the world around us. As such, some of the things we do will need to be changed if we want the environment to change for the better. And to me, this whole chip debacle doesn’t bode well for us as a society that is trying to be more environmentally conscious. If people don’t wise up soon, I don’t think we stand a chance.


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