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I was back on Stumbleupon the other day and came across a web site with some pretty cool behind-the-scenes photos from famous movies. I picked a few of my favorites.

A self portrait of Stanley Kubrick with his daughter (The Shining).

Sellers and Kubrick (Dr. Strangelove).

Dustin Hoffman & Laurence Olivier (Marathon Man).

Everybody knows this one.


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Yesterday I was driving home on 287 and a guy in a tricked out Honda decided to cut me off. He had one of these stupid stick figure family decals on his back windshield:

He also had this decal on his bumper:

Class, class, class! Unfortunately I could not snag a picture of his actual car, so these photos have been lifted from Google.

In other news, I realize that the majority of my recent blog posts have been photo-driven rather than content-driven, so I will try to think of something interesting to write about in the coming days…

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I was pretty annoyed when I got stuck in traffic yesterday, but this little gem kind of made it all worthwhile.

This guy has a cone stuck under his car!!!!!!

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Is Jonathan Taylor Thomas driving limos now?

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iPads and smartphones can do a lot, but can you tape one to the door handle of your refrigerator to remind you that there are ceam puffs stored therein? No, you cannot, and I’m sure that is the only thing keeping my grandmother from buying one herself.

My grandma, Rita (or Mommom, as she is commonly known), has always been pretty big on notes. We always have place cards at holidays so everyone knows where to sit, and before the meal is served, there are usually small pieces of paper sitting inside most of the dishes and bowls, designating where to put the green beans, stuffing, meatballs, etc. It’s amazing that no one has ingested a note in all the years we have spent our holidays there. Anyway, we were down at her house during the respite in between my cousin’s wedding ceremony and reception, and she must have had a lot on her mind in the days leading up to it, for there were many more notes than usual scattered around the kitchen. There was the aforementioned note on the refrigerator re: cream puffs, and a couple of notes above the sink re: hair appointments and pre-wedding events. There was one in the corner, underneath the paper towel holder, with information about my wedding (which I’m sure will be moved to a more prominent location as the event draws closer). But, as we continued to scan the kitchen, Michael spotted the best one.

What better way to keep track of what your grandchildren are up to? To be fair, this note gives me a little too much credit as I do not order ALL of the children’s books for the library, but she’s got the basics covered.

Like I said, technology is great—but sometimes old school is just better.

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Awesome park job.

I believe this type of park job is one of the “I don’t give a fuck” variety, second in prevalence only to the “ineptitude” category.

The best part is that I didn’t just happen upon this car–I actually wached the guy park it. He pulled into the lot, pulled into the middle of two spots, got out, looked at his car for a second, and then walked across the street to the Delicious Fresh Pierogies store. Even though this guy was an idiot, I still have a little bit of respect for his blatant disregard of societal norms. He is a reminder that, every once in a while, it is good to break out of the mold that has been created for us. But, I still don’t think parking lots are the ideal places to flaunt this particular world view.

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A Moron in the Snow

Yesterday morning, to my delight, I looked out the window only to see James attempting to sweep the new-fallen snow from out in front of his car with—you guessed it—a broom. Michael thinks that he refuses to use either of the two snow shovels that are kept in the basement because neither of them belong to him, and it’s some sort of pride thing. I think he’s just a lazy dirtbag that didn’t want to shovel snow. Regardless, the fact of the matter is he opted for the broom. I didn’t think to grab my camera and capture the whole process until after he was done sweeping. At this point, I think he thought he did a sufficient job and would then be able to get out of his spot. Here he is, about to get in the car.

Time: 7:43 am

Rolling back and forth, trying to get some momentum going. Time: 7:46 am

Almost there, but could go no further. Time: 7:46 am

Then, he sat in the car for 10 whole minutes not doing anything. Maybe he was thinking about how much of a moron he is.

Time of defeat: 7:56 am

He did eventually get out, although I don’t know how—and then the Plow Boy came about 5 minutes later and plowed the whole driveway. HA!

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