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Over the span of about an hour, I received the following questions from one boy. They started to increase in frequency after a while and by the end were coming one after another.

Boy: Do you have the book Alien vs. Predator?
Me: Um, I think that’s just a movie. We have it at the other branch.*

Boy: Do you have a book on dogs?

Boy: Do you have any books about magic?

Boy: I need one book for school. Do you have a book about Nazis?

Boy: Do you have books on how to make food?
Me: These are all of the cookbooks we have.
Boy: (pauses, I can tell he doesn’t feel like looking through them) Do you have any books on how to make…how to make…how to make?
Me: How to make what? Food? Crafts?
Boy: Food.
Me: That’s what all of these cookbooks are for!
Boy: These don’t have what I want.
Me: You didn’t even look at them!

Boy: Do you have any Diary of a Wimpy Kid?

Boy: (standing at the desk flipping through the Nazi book) Who’s Adolf Hitler?
Me: He was the leader of the Nazis.
Boy: But was he bad or good?
Me: He was bad.

Boy: Do you have any books about guns?

I’m surprised he didn’t ask me if these vans get good gas mileage.

*Side note: After further fact-checking for blog purposes, it turns out that there IS a novelization of AVP. My library, however, does not own it.


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Cast Out

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I’ve been a complainer for as long as I can remember. While reading over some email archives yesterday, I stumbled upon two complaints that I submitted at The College of New Jersey. The first one was sent to the Residental Office regarding an issue in my freshman dorm, and another was sent to Sodexho, the company that supplied the food on campus. I did not receive responses to either of these complaints, other than an email that my friend Inga jokingly sent to me. Enjoy.
Subject: Water
From: lazzaro2@tcnj.edu
Date: Thu, April 15, 2004 1:47 pm
To: reslife@tcnj.edu

To Whom it May Concern,

I live on the fourth floor of Wolfe, and I just wanted to inform you of a small problem that exists in the girls bathroom. One of the sinks has been leaking for at least a month. It isn’t a one-drop per minute leak, however; it is more like a continuous stream of water flowing out of the faucet. It is not particularly annoying–I just felt I should bring it to some attention because it is wasting a huge amount of water, which I’m sure the school will end up paying for in the long run. If someone could come and simply fix the leak, I think it would be doing a service to both the girls on Wolfe 4 and TCNJ.

Subject: Re: Water
From: hye2@tcnj.edu
Date: Thu, April 15, 2004 7:06 pm
To: lazzaro2@tcnj.edu

15 April 2004

Dear Ms. Lazzaro,
Thank you for your concern. It is environmentally minded citizens like you that bring cool glasses of water to our parched nation.
Just one question for you though, is your water running?

Cause you better go catch it!

Walter D. Agua
Dept. of Water Conservation

Date: Unknown, but between the years 2005 and 2007
Dear Sodexho,

Please, please, for the love of god, stop making grilled cheese sandwiches with 2-inch slices of Texas toast. I don’t know how, but you’ve managed to ruin a CLASSIC sandwich that everyone knows and loves. I don’t understand why you can’t just use normal slices of bread when you make the sandwiches. With the Texas toast, the ratio of cheese to bread is extremely unequal and more in favor of bread than cheese. Out of respect for the sandwich itself, please make grilled cheeses with normal bread. I am not alone in my complaint. The TCNJ community as a whole will benefit from this monumental change. Thank you.

I used to get really mad about food at school.

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While driving on 287 this morning, I passed one lone shoe a few hundred feet from exit 7. Seeing shoes on the side of the road always confuses me, especially since there’s usually only one of them. How does a person lose one shoe? I really don’t understand how it is possible, unless the driver or passenger simply threw it out the window voluntarily. And if, for some reason, it WAS accidental, why doesn’t anyone ever turn around to get it? People lose cell phones, wallets, sunglasses…they don’t just lose shoes! It makes absolutely no sense to me.

In other news, I hate when I’m at work and I see middle aged/old people getting scammed by the internet. Sometimes I try to give them the heads up, but other times I feel like it’s not my place. In one instance, an older man called me over to his computer to inquire about this really shady email he got inviting him to be a secret shopper. But he didn’t call me over because it was shady, he called me over because he couldn’t find the link to click on to submit his information. It turned out that there was no link at all; the email just said that he should reply with all of his personal information. There were a million red flags in the email, which I told him about and convinced him not to respond. Today, though, I just happened to walk by a woman filling out an online form, which at the top read “SUBMIT NOW TO RECEIVE YOUR $500 CHECK!!!!” She later called me over because she was having trouble filling her phone number in, and I saw that she had entered her credit card number to pay a “postage fee” of two dollars and change. At that point I felt pretty conflicted, but I still didn’t say anything. I can’t tell people what to do or not do with their money, right? The way I see it, a line exists between the first guy and this lady. The guy asked me a direct question about the email he received, and all I did was state the facts and tell him that it was “probably not legitimate.” He ultimately made the decision about whether or not to respond. This lady needed me to click on the phone number field, and that was it. It’s not my place to delve any deeper into what she is doing…right? Luckily, her internet session wound up expiring before she was able to finish filling out the form, so that was good. But, she’s still sitting at her computer now, 45 minutes later, and god knows what she’s up to at this point. What’s a librarian to do?

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