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I’ve decided to single-handedly bring back the phrase, “I like the cut of your jib.”

Feel free to use it, but remember where you heard it first.

In other news, Edward Gorey.


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In the last few months, I have listened to the following books:

1. Precious / Sapphire
2. The Hunger Games / Suzanne Collins
3. Catching Fire / Suzanne Collins
4. Mockingjay / Suzanne Collins
5. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / Mark Twain

I am currently reading:
1. The Sun Also Rises / Ernest Hemingway

Next, I would like to read/listen to:

1. The Help / Kathryn Stockett
2. The Incorrigible Children of Ashton Place / Maryrose Wood
3. Blood Meridian / Cormac McCarthy

Notes on List One: Books 1-4 were complete downers, yet enjoyable all the same. As far as Precious (or Push) goes, I’m glad I listened to the audiobook because it is written from the point of view of a girl who starts off functionally illiterate and spells everything phonetically. The story is gut-wrenching and the film actually does the book justice with some fabulous performances.

I knew what I was getting into when I started The Hunger Games trilogy (my first foray into YA lit), but I was still surprised by how grim it was. My stress levels were really high when I was listening to these books, which may have heightened the depression I was feeling as a result of the story. I sometimes wonder if my reaction would be slightly different should I revisit the books with more of a sound mind. I enjoyed the first book the most, and while I thought a few contrived elements cropped up here and there, the story sustained my interest throughout the entire trilogy.

Huck Finn: Listened to the old school “racist version.” Great book, except I have to admit that Tom Sawyer kind of annoys me.

Note on List Two (Can one item be considered a list?): Love Hemingway’s writing style.

Note on List Three: I want to read The Incorrigible Children because the cover reminds me of the cover from The Mysterious Benedict Society, another kids’ book that I enjoyed. Pretty much the only reason.

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I’ve been debating whether or not I should blog about a recent occurrence. I finally decided to share it with the world, in the hopes that someone can perhaps shed some light on the issue for me. You will either find this totally mind-blowing or utterly inconsequential.

Below are two email correspondences between my friend Inga and me. We hadn’t spoken to each other for about a month before this exchange. They have been slightly edited to take out the parts where we wrote about our plans to get together.

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Rachel Lazzaro wrote:
Hi Miss Hye,
It’s been so long since we last spoke. I hope you are well.
In other news, you were in my dream last night. You were getting a haircut. You were getting bangs. You looked pretty good, but you were having the stylist work off of this picture of a woman who was really ugly, almost caricature-like. It was weird. Have you gotten a haircut lately? Maybe that would explain it.

Date: Fri, 4 Mar 2011 13:24:27 -0800
Subject: Re: HI
From: [Inga]
To: [Rachel]

hahahahaha i dont have time to check those dates right this second but
i saw this email and want you to know that i just got bangs like last
week. and they were “impulse bangs” from a picture in the salon magazine. you’re amazing.

Now, I was astonished for days after reading this email. Are you? Was it just a coincidence, or am I clairvoyant? I know I’m not special and that lots of people dream things that wind up happening in real life. But how is this possible? Can someone enlighten me?

In other news, I had a dream last night where a pair of red and white sneakers (they were either Nikes or Pumas) were featured prominently…in case any of you bought new sneakers recently.

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I like this.

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