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As you may have noticed, we got quite a blizzard here in New Jersey on Sunday and Monday. When all was said and done, I’d say we got a little under two feet. It sure took a lot of work to shovel our cars out! I went out once on Sunday night and did one round of preliminary shoveling, but by Monday morning, we could hardly tell that I did anything. After the Plow Boy came and plowed the majority of our driveway, we spent the next hour or so digging out our cars. A little while later, we had some pretty clean spots on our hands. After we were done, our neighbor Hugh also went out and dug his car out as well. While Michael and I were shoveling, neighbor James—the dirtbag—came outside. He dug his car out just enough to be able to pull out of his spot and into a faux spot in front of the garage (where, as per our landlord’s instructions, we are not supposed to park). He proceeded to spend the next 20 minutes cleaning every flake of snow off of his car, then went inside, leaving a gigantic wall of snow behind. Here is photographic evidence of his heinous crime. I took the photo from our bedroom window, but you can still make out the wall.

I can’t imagine he’s waiting for me to move my car so he can steal my spot…not after Michael called him out on doing it last year. But in the back of my mind, I still have a really bad feeling. I have to go to the grocery store soon, and I hate to think about where his car is going to be when I get back. I will say this—if he steals any of our spots, there’s going to be some sort of fight.

I really hate this dude’s guts.


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