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I was walking back to work from my lunch break earlier today and encountered a couple of young boys on the sidewalk. One was in a stroller, the other one was standing there, and the mom was getting something out of her car. I looked at the kid in the stroller and smiled, because he was relatively cute. He smiled, pointed at me, and mumbled “Bad guy!” I knew that was what he said because his older brother repeated this phrase a second later, also calling me Bad Guy. They said it with gusto a couple more times in the 3 seconds it took me to walk past them—enough for the mom to order them to stop, which they didn’t. I continued walking and even after I continued on for another 30 feet, I could still hear the echoes of their little voices yelling, once more for good measure, “Bad guy!”

So yeah, it was a nice afternoon.


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Top Chef: Season 7

I’m starting this blog before the first episode of Top Chef is even over. Right now, it’s 9:51pm and when the show comes back from commercials, the judges will annouce the first person to get the boot. Obviously, it’s either going to be the girl who made the low-fat pâté, or the dude who made the maple dessert. I like to refer to him as Johnny Homeless. Seriously, who makes a dessert on the first challenge? It’s a recipe for disaster (no pun intended—ha ha!). Anyway, let’s go over who will most likely stay for a while and who will be gone within the next few weeks. Mind you, I am confident in my prognostications based almost solely on my Top Chef Intuition, since I’ve only seen most of these people cook one dish so far.

Gone Soon:

Stephen Hopcraft. He introduced himself by saying that he left behind his wife and twin 13 month-old daughters. The people who wind up missing their families halfway through the season never make it, because they lose their concentration and determination. Plus, this guy was one of the bottom four contestants in the first challenge.

Tracey Bloom. This was the chick with the bandana and the annoying laugh. I don’t remember what she cooked for the first challenge, but it doesn’t matter. She won’t last, trust me.

John Somerville. If this guy didn’t just get kicked off 5 minutes ago (this just in!), he would’ve gotten kicked off next week. Top Chef does have the occasional weird-looking contestant that makes it for a while, but this guy was just too weird. I still think there’s a good chance he is homeless.

Stickin’ Around:

Kenny Gilbert. Obviously, most of the Alpha males have already identified themselves, Kenny being one of them. He definitely talks the talk, but I can see him being able to back it up with his cooking skills as well. He seems pretty good.

Angelo Sosa. The yin to Kenny’s yang. This guy will definitely be the token annoying guy who will most likely turn into more of a douche as the season progresses—but, he will also most likely make it into the top 3 at the end of the competition. Of course, he had to go and make a dish with foam all over it for the first challenge (a la Marcel from Season 2). I hate foam.

Kevin Sbraga. Can’t really get a complete read on this guy just yet—although his Quickfire dish wasn’t great, which didnt bode well for him. However, we have to root for the guy from Jersey. Hamilton, no less! I’ve seen Rat’s restaurant on trips to the Grounds for Sculpture but have never actually been. Regardless, he seems confident enough, which is a good sign.

Also, I was thrilled to see that Eric Ripert is going to have a rather large role on the judge’s panel this season. I love that guy and dream of one day going to Le Bernardin.

Anywho, based on Episode 1, I’d say this season is shaping up to be pretty good. I didn’t automatically hate anyone, which is a plus, so as long as these people aren’t too boring, things should be pretty enjoyable. It’s great to have a new show on the roster after a month of Lost withdrawal.

Bon Appetit!

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