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It took me a while, but I finally made some more bread last week. This was bread #22, Pain de Campagne, another French bread.

The most exciting thing about making this bread was that I got to use our brand new oven! A few weeks ago, Michael was broiling some short ribs, and the old oven apparently got so hot that the cheap little plastic on/off knob melted and became very misshapen. The busted knob and the theory that the temperature gauge was most likely off led the landlord to get us a new oven about a week later. I’m happy to report that its maiden bread voyage was a success.

This bread was pretty standard and easy to make. And, the great thing about it is that there is a wide variety of ways in which you can shape the dough. I thought it would be fun to try three different shapes, but then worried that it would affect baking times, so I thought it would be better to just stick with one method. I decided to do a simple boule, accentuated with a little extra flare on top, which I accomplished with kitchen shears.

The final product tasted and smelled wonderful, and made for a nice morning toast.

Bread #23 is Pane Siciliano. I have been really excited to make this bread because it looks so beautiful in the book. The only drawback is that it’s going to take a total of three days to make. My goal is to have it finished next Monday—we’ll see!


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