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I’m curious to know whether the concept of “doorbuster” sales exists in other countries, or if they are unique to this great American society of ours. Whenever I see ads or tv commercials for these types of sales, I can’t help but get riled up. They’re terrible because all they do is try to get people as frenzied as they possibly can, to the point where they’re running around the store, arms outstretched, wallets open, offering up their hard-earned cash to anyone with a name tag and a price scanner. And these days, most people are so brainwashed by our consumer culture that they fall for these things. Repeatedly!

Now, not only is it the absolute end of the world if you don’t get that bath mat for 75% off, but they’re also going to make you get up at 4am, because the offer is only good from 4am-8am, after which time that bath mat will change back into a pumpkin (and a more expensive pumpkin at that!).

So now it’s Black Friday, the holiday season kickoff, and Wal-Mart has you so stoked about that flat screen TV that you stayed up all night just so you would get there before the sun comes up like all of the other freaks. The maniacal mob begins to form, tensions start to rise because people may start to consider that the TV-to-people ratio may not be in their favor, and by the time the doors open, everyone’s so hysterical that they’re not even phased when a store employee gets trampled to death. This is what we have become.

As a society, I guess you can say we’ve come a long way, what with our scientific discoveries, our intellectual, social, and cultural movements, and our wide array of gadgetry. But really, all it takes is a big enough sale to reduce people to a Lord of the Flies mentality.

I realize this blog is a little random considering we’re not really in peak shopping season, and my diatribe may be better suited for the holidays, but I was inspired after seeing a Toys R Us circular advertising a doorbuster sale this weekend. Good thinking, Toys R Us—get ’em while they’re young and teach them the ways of American shopping!

Just one of the many things that sort of makes me want to move away.


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